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There are 3 main factors that influence the cost of a cake. Before a quote can be given, I will need to know 

the answers to the following questions:

1. How much cake do you need? Click here for a serving chart of common cake sizes.

2. What flavor cake would you like? Classic flavors like chocolate or white with buttercream filling are the most common & cost less than premium flavors & specialty fillings. Buttercream icing finish is also less expensive than fondant icing. Click here to view available flavors.

3. *MOST IMPORTANT* What is the design of the cake? The amount of time the cake will take to create is the biggest influencer in the cost of the cake. A cake I can finish in an hour will cost much less than something that takes days to create. Specialty sculpted cakes are the most costly & can run $350.00 & up. Check out the Gallery for cake inspiration! I also recommend using Pinterest & Google to search your theme.

Here are some STARTING prices for common sized, single tiered, classic-flavor cakes. Pricing includes basic decoration such as stripes, dots, swirls or basic flowers, along with a message. Tiered & sculpted cakes will be priced higher due to the time involved, as well as making the cake structurally sound for transporting.

 6" Round            $25.00             

                                                                                                  7" Round           $30.00

                                                                                                  8" Round           $35.00

                                                                                                  9" Round           $45.00

                                                                                                10" Round           $55.00

                                                                          7 x 11" sheet (unfilled)           $35.00

                                                                          9 x 13" sheet (unfilled)           $45.00

                                                                        11 x 15" sheet (unfilled)           $55.00

                                                                                Full sheet (unfilled)           $95.00

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